Pastors & Staff

Jason McClendon

Head Pastor

Pastor Jason E. McClendon is the senior pastor of Community Church of God in Macon, Georgia. Community Church of God is a loving, community minded congregation of believers who are actively reaching and serving others while learning to be like Jesus. Under his visionary leadership the church has experienced exponential growth both numerically and spiritually.

Originally from Northern CA, Pastor Jason McClendon is known as a sound revelatory teacher, preacher, transition specialist, progressive thinker and prophetic voice.  His presentation of the Word is fresh, impactful, and relevant reaching people from all walks of life. This unique blend of inspired creativity, divine insight, along with what he describes as the presence of God, creates an atmosphere that leaves individuals forever changed. His anointing to communicate and collaborate with government and community organizations has made him a sought after liaison that propels unity and attainable enterprise. His innovation and originality has sparked a paradigm shift for many. Making him a sought after consultant for churches, denominations, government and civic organizations.

His commitment and involvement in ministry extends beyond the Community Church of God and the local community of Macon.  He serves as the Urban Missions Director for the South Eastern Region of the U.S. for the Global Church of God (Offices in Anderson, Indiana), and the Credentials Chairman for the Georgia Fellowship of the Church of God (56 churches). He is also the visionary leader of the Community Empowerment Center Inc. in which he serves as the Chief Operations Officer (www.cecmacon.org). Throughout the country he has ministered to various audiences, congregations, conventions, and conferences.  Globally, he has touched the lives of individuals in countries such as Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Honduras, England, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

Pastor Jason McClendon has received several awards and recognition for leadership and ministerial excellence. His humble demeanor is refreshing and empowering. His love for people is undeniable and his ability to communicate is awe inspiring. Pastor McClendon's loving wife Sylvia McClendon is his best friend and helper given by God to faithfully stand with her husband with grace. The couple have two wonderful children Jaysha and Jared. We would love for you to come and fellowship with us! Come and be a part of our "Community". All are welcome. Be blessed.